"An Hour from the Middle of Nowhere" - feature debut documentary 2023

"Viva House" - short Documentary, 2018

"Concerned Travelers" - short Documentary, 2017

"Crossing the Balkans - Tabanovce Train Station" - short Documentary, 2017

"The Leopards on Jabal Samhan" - short Documentary, 2015

An Hour from the Middle of Nowhere - feature documentary, 2023

In the Deep South, the lives of an immigration attorney, a community, and a family intertwine in the shadow of one of the largest immigration detention prisons in the United States. 

A film by Ole Elfenkaemper & Kathrin Seward

83 min / 1.66:1 / 5.1 / Germany, USA / english, spanish, portuguese 

Viva House - short documentary, 2018

The film documents one day at the food pantry and is set in two tiny row houses which are operated by Willa and Brendan since 1968. Since then, they have served food to more than one million people, created after school programs, reading groups for children and many more activities to empower their Baltimore neighborhood. 

A film by Ole Elfenkaemper & Kathrin Seward

Commissioned Work